Heart disease risk in women increases leading up to menopause; early intervention is key.

  • Experts with the American Heart Association reviewed current research indicating how a woman’s hormone changes, body composition, cholesterol and vascular health during the years leading to menopause (or menopause transition), which can increase the risk of developing heart disease after menopause.
  • A new scientific statement provides an up-to-date synopsis on menopause data and how it relates to cardiovascular disease in women.
  • The limited available data showed that only 7.2% of women transitioning to menopause are meeting physical activity guidelines, and fewer than 20% of those women are consistently maintaining a healthy diet. Monitoring women’s health and early intervention are important during the period leading up to menopause.
  • Some areas of research on women during menopause are still lacking, as much cardiovascular and menopause research focuses on women after menopause.

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